Self-Reflection - Shanda Rodriguez

A Brief summary of my Career Assessments

MY Key Interest Areas - SAR

My key interest areas include:

S - Social people are HELPERS. Personality traits You are friendly, empathetic, cooperative, and responsible. You probably like to work directly with people rather than things. You prefer to work as part of a team and sometimes lead or coordinate activities. Hobbies and career interests You probably enjoy teaching, counseling, or curing others. You might be a good public speaker or trainer, and like playing team sports. You might seek out situations where you can work with children, the elderly, people with special needs, or diverse populations.

A - Artistic people are CREATORS. Personality traits You are probably intuitive, sensitive, and imaginative. You usually prefer to work in unstructured situations where you can use your creativity and come up with new ideas. Hobbies and career interests You probably enjoy performing or creating visual arts. You like go to museums or attend concerts or plays. You might enjoy fashion, creative writing, drawing, and creating new things in a variety of settings.

R - Realistic people are DOERS. Personality traits You are probably practical, reserved, curious, and persistent. You are good at solving problems. You prefer to work with things, like machines, tools, and greenery. Hobbies and career interests You probably like to work with your hands to build or fix things. You like to play sports, be physically active and do outdoor activities. You are often good at activities that involve electronics, mechanics, engineering, lab work, farming and carpentry work.

Careers I would consider include:


High School Teacher

Elementary Teacher

College Professor


My Personality Traits

My personality traits include ENFJ. E stands for extravert, N is intuitive, F is feeling, and J is judging.

Extraverted FeelingExtraverted Feeling rules the ENFJ's psyche. In the sway of this rational function, these folks are predisposed to closure in matters pertaining to people, and especially on behalf of their beloved. As extraverts, their contacts are wide ranging. Face-to-face relationships are intense, personable and warm, though they may be so infrequently achieved that intimate friendships are rare.Introverted iNtuitionLike their INFJ cousins, ENFJs are blessed through introverted intuition with clarity of perception in the inner, unconscious world. Dominant Feeling prefers to find the silver lining in even the most beggarly perceptions of those in their expanding circle of friends and, of course, in themselves. In less balanced individuals, such mitigation of the unseemly eventually undermines the ENFJ's integrity and frequently their good name. In healthier individuals, deft use of this awareness of the inner needs and desires of others enables this astute type to win friends, influence people, and avoid compromising entanglements.

The dynamic nature of their intuition moves ENFJs from one project to another with the assurance that the next one will be perfect, or much more nearly so than the last. ENFJs are continually looking for newer and better solutions to benefit their extensive family, staff, or organization.

Extraverted SensingSensing is extraverted. ENFJs can manage details, particularly those necessary to implement the prevailing vision. These data have, however, a magical flexible quality. Something to be bought can be had for a song; the same something is invaluable when it's time to sell. (We are not certain, but we suspect that such is the influence of the primary function.) This wavering of sensory perception is made possible by the weaker and less mature status with which the tertiary is endowed.Introverted ThinkingIntroverted Thinking is least apparent and most enigmatic in this type. In fact, it often appears only when summoned by Feeling. At times only in jest, but in earnest if need be, Thinking entertains as logical only those conclusions which support Feeling's values. Other scenarios can be shown invalid or at best significantly inferior. Such "Thinking in the service of Feeling" has the appearance of logic, but somehow it never quite adds up.

Introverted Thinking is frequently the focus of the spiritual quest of ENFJs. David's lengthiest psalm, 119, pays it homage. "Law," "precept," "commandment," "statute:" these essences of inner thinking are the mysteries of Deity for which this great Feeler's soul searched.

My Strongest Skill Areas

Some of my strongest skill areas include people skills, and basic skills.

People Skills

Sometimes called “Soft Skills”, these are some of the skills employers say all job candidates need the most. These skills enable people to work easily and effectively with customers and coworkers.

Examples of People Skills

Being aware of others

Coordinating with others

Helping others



Teaching others

Basic Skills

Skills needed by almost all workers in all types of careers. Writing, for example, is a basic skill that can get you into a good job.

Examples of Basic Skills

Learning new things






Thinking critically

My Most Important Values

My most important values include independence, knowledge, family, diversity, and fun and humor.

Some of my other values include challenging problems, job tranquility, work under pressure, intellectual status, and fast pace.

My sometimes valued values include physical challenge, precision work, excitement, change and variety, and friendships.

What I Learned About Myself

I've learned that as an ENFJ I am considered a "mentor." This is helping me actually decide what I really want to do in my life career and what I would want to do for the rest of my life until I retire. I actually had no idea what personality traited person I was until I took that test/quiz. It's the same thing with the other things we've had to take. I've also figured out what my true values are and that I want my career to go with what my values are.

My mission is to teach others and also have time for my values. I want to work with fun people also, but I also want to be independent in what I do at my job.

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