Karen Dilworth - No Stranger to Overcoming Adversity

Adversity is nothing new to former Dental Assistant and Office Manager Karen Dilworth; a loving and supportive mother, and grandmother, who continues to overcome the nearly devastating effects of a serious and very traumatic 2013 auto accident. A survivor of the accident, Dilworth pulled through what was a 6 ½ week long coma, as well as numerous broken bones and injuries, and now enjoys nothing more than the time, and the life, she gets to spend with the members of her family.

The proud mother of three girls and grandmother to two loving granddaughters, Karen Dilworth understands how fortunate she has been in terms of not only surviving the effects of this accident, but also in terms of the loving network of support, from both family and friends, that she received following the event. As one who survived not only an extensive coma, but also a 3 month long rehab process, multiple bone fractures and a punctured lung, Dilworth showed incredible resilience, and the will to live, in the face of considerable adversity, not only as someone of spirit, fight and positivity, but also as a person with the love, help and support of so many others in her life.

Karen Dilworth continues her recovery with optimism and hope, and looks forward to a future where she can continue to make a tangible and positive difference in people’s lives. A devoted mother, grandmother and active member of the local community, Dilworth continues to put her best foot forward, and to always look for the best in others and in herself.

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