American Representation In Super Size

This Blog talks about the American representation in the movie "Super Size Me" directed by "Morgan Spurlock".

The move "Super Size Me" directed by "Morgan Spurlock", has shown the world different type of representations of the American society. The opening scene of the movie says it all. The children singing music about fast food, the camera mostly focused on the overweight children and the children enjoying themselves singing to the tune. As the movie progressed, it showed more information and statistics about the number of nearby MacDonald's and the number of overweight people in a certain area of America. Although there are many overweight children, that doesn't mean that adults are trying to do something about it. As Morgan Spurlock puts himself in harms way to show how fast food affects a human body, he discovers shocking changes throughout his body.

in today's society, American children have been brought up to show a positive attitude towards fast food. This is not a good thing. The movie shows this by how happy the children are when they are getting fast food. Even in the opening scene, children are signing towards a song that's about fast food. They are happy to sing it as well. Approximately, there were about 70% overweight children in that scene. After watching this scene, you get an idea already of how American people are going to be represented throughout the movie.

Morgan Spurlock, as well as showing the representation of American people, tries himself to put himself in the position as an average American person. He challenges himself, for 30 days straight, to eat nothing but MacDonald's. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner; MacDonald's. Before the challenge, he visits Different types of doctors to test his blood pressure, calories and so fourth. He was a very fit person to start off with. very healthy person for his age and for where he is from. But it all changed once he started eating the main source of food that American people eat. This is MacDonald's. His blood pressure rose, his sugar levels went above and beyond what he should have, he put on a lot of weight within 12 days of the challenge. This was only 12 days and he was already feeling a bit sick, but the average American would have this meal on a constant basis.

As Morgan Spurlock travels to different parts of America, it shows more overweight and lazy people. Especially in Houston, Texas. Which is proven to have the most overweight people. The second scene where Morgan enters MacDonald's there, you can already spot overweight people. approximately 90% of the people you see are morbidly obese, while the other 10% is overweight. This already gives us the idea of Houston being a very lazy and overweight society.

Worst thing that an overweight person says is "my weight was genetically passed onto me from my parents". Which is true in a way, but also not exactly. There are many opportunities where you can get fit again, but they are too lazy to participate in them. It doesn't take effort to just go for walks everyday. Or to go to the shops and buy a salad.

A comment that was mentioned on the film that caught my attention was "We hoping through education, that a child will make the choices." This was a statement made by a teacher that was by a group of children. She says, if teachers, parents or guardians can teach them to make the right choices, like eating a salad instead of fast food, it will reduce the amount of overweight people in America. But its not just education that will make them make right choices. Teachers can get the children to get involved in sports. Get the children to join a football for example. Get the children once a day to go for a walk as a class. This will make a more fitter and healthier society.

So, to sum up everything, the movie portrays American people as an overweight and very lazy society. It as a matter a fact, one of the fattest countries in the world. With 2 of 3 adults are considered obese, 1 in 20 adults are considered extremely obese and 1 in 6 children are obese. These facts are basically facts that show how much obesity there is in America. Even throughout the movie, it gives out little statistics about the obesity in America.

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