Ann   Tretiakova. Daily  life

Everyday I get up at 6 a.m. every morning. Sometimes, I can awake at 5 a.m., but it is very early as for me.

I enjoy relaxing in the morning, but I should eat breakfast and tidy my room. Also, I have a cat, which I have to feed before going to school.

Every morning I leave home at 7:40 and go on a taxi bus. The school is a long way from my home, so I prefer to read a book or look out of the window.

Even though I don’t see fascinating scenery, I can see interesting things. I live in a big city, that’s why every morning I see big traffic and hear a noise from cars. But I want to say that I really love my native city. Kyiv is a fantastic city with magnificent scenery!

I start school at 8:30 and finish at 15:25. We have seven lessons every day.

This is our timetable:

Monday: 1.History of Ukraine 2. French 3. Physics 4&5.English 6.Economics 7. Biology

Tuesday:1.Universal History 2&3.Geometry 4.P.E. 5.Chemistry 6.Ukrainian 7. Astronomy

Wednesday: 1.Artistic culture 2.Medecine 3.Foreing literature 4.Ukrainian 5.English 6.Physics 7.Informatics

Thursday: 1.French 2.Geography 3.History of Ukraine 4. P.E. 5.Foreing literature 6&7. Ukrainian literature

Friday: 1&2. Algebra 3.Ukrainian 4.Biology 5.Technologies 6&7. English       

I with my classmate at school

Every lesson lasts 45 minutes and then we have breaks that last 15 minutes. Also, we have two breaks, when we have a lunch. I prefer to pack my lunch, but sometimes I can eat at school. For example, I love cookies and buy them in a canteen.

After school I continue studying, because I have courses (Geography and History of Ukraine). I will take exams in these subjects, so I have to be prepared

Usually I have dinner at 4 p.m. and then at 8 p.m. supper. Also, I have breaks, when I enjoy drinking coffee and eating something.

I go to sleep very late, as I come back home at 8-9 pm . Nevertheless, I get enough sleep, even if I sleep 5-6 hours a day.

I try to make my weekends interesting and visitable. I like walking with my friends, visiting exhibitions, shopping, watching new films, but I have a rule: one day I spend with my parents, because I communicate with them along the week very rarely.

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