Our Busy Bee

Week 16+17

adventures of baby bock

I was reprimanded last night for not providing more timely updates - sorry people - I'm busy building a baby here!  I'll be sure to provide weekly updates from now on, promise. We have had lots of happenings the last couple weeks with Baby B. I officially felt the baby move at 17 weeks! I wasn't quite sure what I was feeling, it felt like muscle twitches or fluttering in my belly. At first, that is exactly what I thought it was - muscle twitches. But as it got more and more frequent, I knew it had to be our active little one! Now that I know what it feels like, I feel the babe move constantly! We definitely have an active busy bee growing in there and he or she may be a soccer player one day. I love that I can feel Baby Bock and it makes this whole experience much more real and exciting! I just can't wait for Eric to be able to feel it! He is waiting patiently and I swear the first time I felt it move was because he had his hand on my belly. The babe just knew his/her daddy was nearby! :)

We have our anatomy scan in about 3 weeks and we are so anxious and excited to find out if a sweet baby boy or lovely little girl is growing in there! We will be sure to take bets on if it is a boy or girl in next weeks update. Have a great week everyone!

Some bump highlights from week 16 + 17

the food we couldn't eat the last two weeks