The amazing I pod

By: Chloe Oswalt

    It' your birthday and you get an i pod. your so happy, but there's a problem. You and your parents don't have a clue how to use it. Then you realize that you could read a book to figure it out!



   Do you have any questions about I pods? Yes you say? Then come over here and read this tackk. It just might answer your questions!

Different Types of Ipods

   There are many different types of I pods. There is an I pod Touch, Apple I pod, I pod Shuffle I pod Classic, and an Nano I pod.  I will not tell you about each and every I pod, but I'll tell you about two of the kind I just named.  I'll tell you about the I pod Touch and the Nano.    

What I pods can do

   The I pod Touch allows you to download apps, games, and music. I can't tell you how much you can download though, that depends on how much GB you have. The more GB's you have, the more memory you get. The I pod Touch also comes with a few apps before you download anything.  Okay, lets go see what the Nano can do.

   Nano is a great I pod, but it's different from the others. The Nano looks more like an MP3 player than an I pod. The Nano also can't download any games. Yes, it can download music, but not games.

Downloading Music

   When your downloading music, you can either use an i tunes card, or your own money. If you're looking for an artistes music, or just one song, search it. An i tune card would save you money. I won't tell you how much you could save though, that depends on how much money you have on your card.

Where you should go shoping

   If you're thinking about getting an I pod, then I would recemend that you go to either Best Buy or Walmart. Best Buy has a whole selection of I pods, and Walmart has some, but not a lot.     

   Best Buy doesn't only have a whole selection of I pods, they have I pod cases, and chargers! They even have I pod colors! Some of the colors are purple, blue and silver. Now lets go take a look at Walmart.

   Walmart doesn't only have I pods, they have  cases and chargers, just like Best Buy. Though they have ear buds and  packs (every once in a while.)


So now do you understand where to get I pods, how to download music, what they can do, and the different types of I pods? I hope you do.Hopefully this book answered some of your questions.

Vocabulary Words

Downloading- to install a game, app, or music.

Chargers-  electricity that powers up your device.

Cases- something that protects your device.

GB's-  how much memory your device has

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