The Qin Dynasty

The Qin dynasty started in 221 B.C.E.. The Qin ruler declared himself chinas first emperor. Qin was very strict and burnt all the books opposing his views.

Qin designed one type of money to be used throughout the empire.

He also ordered the building of roads and a huge canal. . He used the canal to ship supplies to his troops in far-off territories.  

Qin also built the great wall of china. He built it to keep intruders from coming in.

Despite the Emperor of Qin’s many achievements, some ancient Chinese writings say that he could not find happiness. Above all, the emperor was afraid to die. He  summoned magicians who told him to find a magic potion. he did not find one even though he searched for many years.

He died looking for the potion and many people say he was poisoned.

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