4 Things You Should Know About Testicles

The study of testicles is an unusual science. Some completely neglect to consider a man and his jewels, but others seem to obsess about them. The same can be said about how women react to balls in general. Some like them, others avoid them, but most don't know that much about them. So let us consider a man and his testicles, just for a short while right now.

As a man, there are many thoughts and myths about the average family jewels. These are now what is our topic for today, instead we shall focus on a few essentials that every man should know about his balls, or if you prefer his testicles. If you know nothing else, after today keep these 4 things that you should know and understand about your testicles in mind.

Bigger is Better

There are numerous debates about the size of testicles, but what does this really mean to males, as individuals? The truth is bigger is usually better, when it comes to self-esteem, sexual stamina and other areas where the testicles are concerned.

Simply put, males have more confidence and are more competitive, when they have bigger balls. This does not mean gigantic or ridiculously swollen testicles, which is a sign that perhaps something is wrong with the man physically. Normal size testicles should be sized to be culpable the palm, a single testicle maybe fitting into a single palm and smaller sets may be able to fit both in a cupped hand. Anywhere in between these sizes is normal and average for males worldwide. Don't worry about balls being huge, just in proportion to your own hand size and body stature. These usually will go hand in hand, no pun meant.

Size Can Be Uneven

Balls on males; do not need to be the same size to be proportionate. Often one testicle will be rounder or larger than the other. This has to do with the size and proportions of the body. If your left side is slightly shorter, your right testicle maybe slightly larger or swing lower. This is very common as men grow older, the term is orchiopexy. Many men have testicles that are not even in size, shape or how they hang within a paired unit. Uniformity is not something that should be a great concern, when it comes to a man and his balls. Size can be uneven, but everything is just fine.

Gentleness is Essential

Taking care not to damage or injure your testicles is important. They are more fragile than any external part of the body, but because they have no skeletal structure, they are easily ruptured or damaged. Be as gentle and safe with your testicles as possible, this goes for sexual activities too. If your partner tends to bang your balls excessively, try other positions that allow her more freedom to bounce, but avoid that area conveniently. Gentleness is essential for the balls of any sexually active gentleman. Although this is obvious to most men anyway.

Testicles Become Firmer While Reaching Orgasm

Men tend to think of their balls as hanging free in the wind, loose and swinging. They often forget to think of what happens to the testicles, when they achieve an orgasm. During the process of sexual intercourse, the penis and testicles take on much more blood flow. As this creates pressure, the balls take on a lot of excess blood flow, as the penis gets ready to ejaculate an orgasm. The testicles become more firm, as a man closes in on his orgasm. This is absolutely normal and should not be any cause for alarm. Most men just never focus on this part of their orgasm, enough to realize that the testicles are the final area that is firm, as the penis ejaculates and becomes soft. It is a very natural response by all parts of the genitals.

Keeping these things in mind, should allow more men to enjoy their testicles and worry less about them. In fact, it is strange how little most men really think about their testicles, but also obsesses about them. At least privately or during sexual activities, so be good to your balls and they will be good to you.