Plant cell VS. Animal cells
im comparing the organelle to a house


Nucleus - could be the parent because the nucleus tell you what to do and also your parents

Example of the nucleus

Nuclear membrane - could be the outer wall of the house because the cell membrane is on the outer of everything else

mitochondria- could  be electricity in the home because mitochondria produce energy for the cell and the light bub do that for the house too!

cell membrane-could be the front door because they both let thing in or out

cell wall-could be the wall of the home because it protects whats inside the home

chloroplast- could be solar panels on a home cause it

ribosomes-could be the because it makes proteins for cell and in a kitchen you make food

ER-could be  hallways in a house because ER transports stuff to the Golgi bodies and we use hallways to go somewhere

Golgi bodies-could be a closet because it stores stuff

vacuoles-could be a garage because  it holds waste of stuff you don't need but maybe in the future

cytoplasm-things inside the house  because it hold the things together

If the mitochondria  stop working in the plant system then nothing will ever get broken down.The other organelle like the Golgi bodies wouldn't packages and ship nutrients and everything else wouldn't know what to do