My Favorite Season.

BY: Audrianna Culver

My favorite Season looks all green and colorful and bright. I love the colors and the brightness, it is so beautiful. I also like to see the flowers bloom, they are so pretty. I love seeing the wild bunnies hopping around they are so cute.

My Favorite season sounds like wind, wild animals as in birds, rabbits/bunnies, etc. I love the sound of my favorite season and also I love the sounds of wild animal. I love just opening my window and listening to the wonderful sounds of the flower seasons.

The food I would eat most often in my favorite season would have to probably be salad from my garden, because it is so fresh, and tastes really good , and also it is very colorful like the season. I would also eat steak for two reasons, because the flower season is a beautiful season to grill on your grill, and also because it is a perfect meal for a family to eat on their deck.

My favorite season feels warm and cozy, not so cold that you need your fireplace going and also not too hot that you need a pool to swim in, but just right so that you can open up windows and also so you can play outside for hours on end.

The weather in my favorite season is sometimes rainy and peaceful and also warm and sunny there is a lot of different weather in the flower season. And I love how sometimes I can stay home a get cozy and other days go out a play for hours and hours.

other words some people call my favorite season are the rainy season or also the flower season, they call the rainy season because it rains more than any other season and they call it the flower season because it is the season flowers begin to bloom.

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