STAND UP AND TAKE ACTION against                         poverty and inequality

Stand Up, Take Action: Make Noise for the MDGs is a worldwide awareness and action-taking weekend for the end of poverty. Individuals and groups all over the world choose to create and take part in a variety of different community events - Stand Up events - every year to make their voices heard and move the planet that much closer to putting poverty in the history books.

Wear white, the symbolic color of the antipoverty campaign, and ask everybody attending your event to do the same.

Get people to stand up in a pattern that forms a word (e.g. " S-T-A-N-D-U-P”) or a symbol (e.g. the peace sign).

Wear T-shirts with some statistics (e.g. 1 400 women will die in pregnancy or childbirth today).

Wrap buildings, trees or statues with white bands.

In our Financing for Development campaign, we are fighting for different issues such as tax justice for transnational companies. At this moment, it is crucial to ask the EU to keep commitments for more and better aid by 2020. The EU might drop them. The Elephant in the room is waiting at the GCAP Office in Brussels to walk to the EU. Please join the protest of the Elephant in the room in Brussels and around the world!

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