Week 4 - What?! We're almost done? What do I really need to know?!

Focus: Skills deepening

This week, we are expanding out understanding of how tools and functions and areas you have selected to focus on work; reviewing your 'solutions' with the course design team (Mike, David, Cindy); thinking about overall course structure and seeking out any needed additional improvements.

Learning Objectives:

Course participants will:

Continue to explore, select & integrate selected tools to address previously identified goals relative to course content, communication/collaboration, and assessment of learning.

Resources/Materials/Conversation Starters

Okay, WAY more here than you need. Just sample these as they relate to the particular area you are working on.


  1. Link to OER Commons - one more opportunity for open educational resources: https://www.oercommons.org/ 


Comment below with at least 1 of your plans for your course design. How did this course support your design decisions?

Comment Stream

2 years ago

I have a couple of plans: 1. Use Tackk to make the course easier to "see" - I have already started this with my current online course as a test case.

2 years ago

2. Let go. In addition to an assignment I already turn over to students to teach one another (flipped reading strategy lessons), I am going to - through a gradual release of responsibility - turn discussions over to students asking them to use the four "questions" as a basis for developing their own discussion questions for their peers. 3. Make goals for each module/ assignment very explicit for students with a "You should know" section at the bottom of each module so students know what I hope they are taking away from our work together.

2 years ago

I created an assignment using Voicethread where the students would watch a video and respond with their own video commentary. I am not sure I did this correctly though as I had trouble linking from Blackboard to the correct VoiceThread videos.