Tools Of The Trade

Crystal Beene


One of the benefits of using Edmodo is that when you are absent , you can go on Edmodo and check on what you missed that day so you won't be behind in class the next day .

You can use Edmodo for: Homework , Classwork , and also you can download for files for school .

Here is the Edmodo website .


Remind is a tool that sends text to your phone , and you get a notification if something is due , the next day or in a couple of days .

The benefits of this tool is that you don't need to go on Edmodo or any other site to see what you need to get done . is a website used for graphics such as steps for the design cycle , and it also helps you use data for graphics .

Another one of the benefits of is that it makes it easier for you .

You can use this tool for keeping track of your data .

Below is a video of how to use and the site for .


This is the site we use fro this kind of stuff what we are doing right now .

Tackk is an easy way to help us make a web page .

Also , one of the benefits of tackk is that it helps you organize the things you are working on .

The IB design cycle

This is a process used to solve problems .

It also helps helps you solve problems easier , it also gives you multiple possibilities to solve the problem .

It helps you proceed in making things better such as the solute to a problem in your everyday life .

A Inquiring and analyzing

Students are presented with a design situation, from which they identify a problem that needs to be solved. They analyze the need for a solution and conduct an inquiry into the nature of the problem.

B Developing ideas

Students write a detailed specification, which drives the development of a solution. They present the solution.

C Creating the solution

Students plan the creation of the chosen solution and follow the plan to create a prototype sufficient for testing and evaluation.

D Evaluating

Students design tests to evaluate the solution, carry out those tests and objectively evaluate its success. Students identify areas where the solution could be improved and explain how their solution will impact on the client or target audience.

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