5 Picture Story

By: Kiersta Walton
[Photos by digital art student, and are not mine.]

Layla finally felt free. Or, at least it looked like she did for the moment. The crisp fall air through the breeze in the park where she’d gone to since she was little. But, after her parents had moved away, she hadn’t been able to go here since she was in her early teens. In her twenties now, she finally could go back to the place.

Sitting on top of the slide, it had reminded her of when she was younger, had tried to climb up the slide, and slid off. Hitting her tailbone, she knew she wasn’t going to try doing that again. But, at the age of twenty, she finally got the nerve to climb again. And this time, she didn’t fall off.

After she had left, she took up skateboarding. Of course, the side of the slide seemed like a good thing to try to skateboard on. Not. She gracefully fell from the slide after doing all she could to stop herself. From that, she learned that the side of the slide was not a good skateboard-practicing ramp.

Tilt-A-Whirls. Also known as, Tilt-A-Hurls. This was one of her least favorite rides. The memory of neighborhood boys making all the girls go on it, spinning it, and then watching them fly off, was all too vivid. She remembered how she tried her best to get them on, but it backfired when she realized she wasn’t strong enough to push them off.

As nighttime came, Layla realized that the sun was setting, and she wasn’t going to be able to stay for much longer. Of course, when she was younger, staying for a long time at the park was a thing. Her mother would call, “Layla, you better come eat supper, or your dad is going to eat yours!” But, Layla would still try to fight coming home from the best park in the world.

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