The red kayak

  1. introduction to the novel we are gonna be doing a book cover based on the book the red kayak.
  2. had other passions other than a touch with animals like enjoyed climbing mountains with her father.she wrote 7 books the names are:the red kayak,the journey back,blind sided,what Mr matero did.
  1. we are going to be making a book cover, about the red kayak but it is going to be different. something that captures another part that is in the book.
  1. Brady is kind, truthful and a hard worker. He has a dog named Tilly and a mom and dad. He used to have a little sister named Amanda but she passed away.

Digger was also a hard worker. He takes care of his younger brothers and sisters. Digger has some temper but he cools down quickly. He never meant to kill anyone.

J.T. is a kind person who never really means no harm and also he is very religious and prays before every meal. he is a hard worker, working at the chicken farm because his dad is waiting for a kidney in the hospital.

  1. Brady was pulled out of school one afternoon with disturbing news from his dad saying that Mrs. diAngelo, and Ben were lost on the river as Brady finds Ben he needs to find out why the kayak sunk.
  1. Brady shuts people out because he is sad.

Brady screams at the river that it didn't have to kill Ben. Brady blames himself for the sinking of the kayak.

7.A) grief is a process you go through when you have lost something close to you. the way Brady dealt with grief is by blaming the river and shutting out certain people. B) friendship is what two or more people have when they are getting along and hang out with each other so its pretty much trust and reliability; friendship was dealt with well in this book it was trust and working together and then Brady has to betray his friends and do the right thing which is telling the authority.

    1.Re i would give the book a rating of 3.75 stars because the action of the book was really good but it took a little bit to get there while we were reading.

    Info about the author she had passions instead of just loving animals like enjoyed mountain climbing with her father and she wrote 7 books which are called red kayak,journey back,blindsided,what mr.matereo did,saving grace,a face first,Autumn journey and those are all her books.

The red kayak.

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