Looking Back and Moving Forward!

                                                                    Looking Back

Looking back, I have the best memories imaginable. These memories will stay with me all through my life. This year, I have accomplished so much work that I am confident in my ability to complete the challenging courses in high school. My favorite memory from this past year would be the 8th Grade Christmas Pageant. It was very fun to put  on together with my friends and it also gave the audience a great Christmas message!

Another fun memory was when we got our class rings. It was something I was looking forward to for a while and I loved having other classmates turn my ring! I even got to read during the ceremony. The ring is now a great thing to look at to remind me of my wonderful time at St. Clare.

Even though this is not school related, a great memory from the past year would be the Billy Joel concert on New Year's Eve. It was so lively and it was a very different way to celebrate the New Year!

                                                                    Moving Forward

Moving forward, I hope to achieve great things at Notre Dame Academy. St. Clare has prepared me well. From last minute posts on Edmodo, to writing endless pages of note, I am ready to move forward. I will miss my memories and friends from St. Clare, but they will always be in my heart.  The things I am most excited about in Notre Dame are playing on their tennis team as well as meeting all new friends!

Something else that I am excited for next year is our trip to Disney World. It might not be school related, but this trip is something I look forward to for a while. I love staying in the Animal Kingdom Lodge with a family of giraffes outside our window. Also, I am excited to be new DVC members which means more trips and bigger hotel rooms!

This shows all the great times I had at St. Clare

Hear for yourself how thankful I am!

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