Democrats & Aristotle

By: Jennifer Walling

- Democritus, believed all mater is made up of various individual elements.

- For Democritus, space was infinite in the extent, and the atoms were infinite in number.

- Democritus did not originate the atomic theory; he learned it from it's founder, Leucippus, the author of the Big Cosmology.

- While this work too has vanished, some conception of it's contents con be obtained from Aristotle.

- Aristotle, postulated that there were four elements: earth, air, fire, and water.

- Their character and behavior are completely determined by what Aristotle identified as their formal and final cause.

- Aristotle's theory seems terribly simplistic and fanciful today, but it dominated scientific thought for centuries.

Interesting Facts: Democritus

- Was born in Abdera

- He wrote many books

Interesting Facts: Aristotle

- According to Aristotle, animals are superior to plants because, they give he animals the ability to experience their surroundings

- He believed the behavior of a falling rock must be explained in terms of it's natural tendency to move downward


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