Act 5

Act 5, Mercutio, Kyle Jung, Period 4

I see Romeo wandering in the street of Mantua and I also see Balthasar coming from Verona to send a message to Romeo about Juliet's suicide. Friar John, who was supposed to deliver the letter to Romeo fails to deliver because he was locked up for being in doubt of having plague. Good job Friar John for letting their plans to be failed. As soon as Friar Laurence that the plan has a problem, he decides to go to the tomb by himself to get Juliet. Romeo arrives at the tomb and kills Paris in order to get into the tomb because of security guards. When Romeo went in to the tomb he saw dead Juliet and consumes a poison from a poor Apothecary and dies. As soon as Romeo dies, Juliet wakes up and notices that Romeo is also dead. Such an irony between them. She takes out the Romeo's sword and kills herself. What a tragedy.... I think my curse worked really well that both families: Montague,Capulets, lost their family. I feel delightful in someway, but I also feel sorry for Romeo and Juliet. I pray that Romeo and Juliet will have a love with freedom.

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