Animoto in the Classroom

Students enjoyed working on an anti-bullying unit in social skills class at Crossroads.

Following is the song that became a class favorite and an inspiration to students.

Never Ever was played daily at the request of the students.

At the end of the unit.....

students were assigned a project to create a video using Animoto.

The assignment was introduced with an Animoto created sample.

The sample could not be embedded here because the free version of Animoto was used in the classroom.


a demonstration to identify the key points of creating a video on Animoto was presented to the class. This presentation was very short and focused on music, pictures and text.

One main direction was given...

Have your work checked BEFORE you PRODUCE!

Students went to the lab and started to work.


The students did a great job on this project and produced a variety of videos.

Some students downloaded pictures from the internet while others used what was available in the Animoto library. Each student had a unique focus for their video. Topics included friendship, self esteem, telling an adult about bullying, stop bullying, and examples of bullying using animals. Students were proud of their video products.


especailly enjoyed choosing music for thier videos.

Animoto worked.....

Students were busy and remained focused during this activity.

This activity worked well for students with short attention spans and high anxiety levels.

The Animoto format is very easy to follow so, students did not become frustrated.

Students were able to type in small amounts of text but, got BIG results with the addition of music and pictures.

Animoto in the future...

The only change I plan to make is to subscribe to Animoto so, students can make videos of varying lengths.

Kelly Scofield/ Crossroads School

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