Class of 2019                                 Pd. 1/2

*Be your own version of success and try your hardest at everything you do.

*You have to realize where you stand and who you fit in best with. Don't try too hard to be like anyone else. Always be the great individual you are.

*On a side note, remember that people change and people who were your best friend last year may change and find a new group of friends. Always remember that someone appreciates you and you need to have wonderful friends that appreciate you for what you are.

*Always look for people who want to be in your life as much as you want to be in theirs.

*Relationships are not a necessity when you are a freshman..

*******Always remember, not everyone is looking out for your best interest.*******

The Past

The Present

Im a reader!!

I love inspirational quotes!

The Future

I plan to go to Butler University to be a pharmacist.

My favorite quotes!

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