Why LA Lofts Add Up To Savings

It’s no secret that LA lofts can set buyers and renters back a pretty penny. After all, these proprieties are considered prime real estate in one of the most bustling metropolitan areas in the entire country. Even so, when the cost of lofts in downtown Los Angeles is compared to other living options, the potential for savings becomes very clear. Keep in mind, too, that many lofts in downtown Los Angeles actually have highly competitive sticker prices considering the going rate in the region.

So, how do LA lofts add up to savings for those that call them home? Here are just a few of the ways that people with downtown lofts can rack up the savings in overall living expenses:

• Reduced or eliminate commuting expenses – Getting around Los Angeles is no easy feat on a daily basis. Between the long rides in from the suburbs and the wasted gas that arises from sitting in traffic jams, the costs of living outside the city can add up fast for those who commute. LA lofts take this expense off the table for many by putting them within walking – or short commute – distance of their places of employment. This is a great way to save not only gas money, but also a tremendous amount of wear and tear on a vehicle.

• Reduced or eliminated maintenance – The best lofts in downtown Los Angeles are maintenance-free or darn close to it. Not only to loft dwellers not have to pay for landscaping and other extras, they may avoid repair costs entirely, depending on their selection of LA lofts. This can add up to huge savings for those who choose these properties over freestanding homes in the suburbs.

• Time – As they say, time is money. The amount of time those living in lofts in downtown Los Angeles save on getting places can add up to a tremendous payback. Those who live close to their work or school will find reduce commute times give them more minutes back in their day to enjoy this incredible city, some downtime for themselves or quality time with the family.

LA lofts aren’t necessarily cheap, but they deliver perks that renters or buyers will likely find add up to big savings in the long run. These properties save those who call them home cold, hard cash in some cases and more often than not something that’s a whole lot more valuable than coin – precious time.

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