Exploration Proposal


Dear Francis I

          I, Ninaad Kundu, will surely find all the gold you need.  I will be the help of the tough war France is going through.  I will help you have something to try in make truce with the other countries.  You should choose me because I'm from France and I loved growing up there.  Also, I will try to be very fond of the people I may find there so they can help me and my group find what were looking for.   I know I am ready for the conflicts there will be like angry natives we may find there or a wild environment, and maybe other interfering explorers.  I will try searching the area I land very thoroughly.  If you choose to fund my exploration, the date we will be leaving will be August 14, 1520.

                                                                              With Great Respect,

                                                                                                               Ninaad Kundu

This is where I will start off...

This what I will try to cover...


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