Love books more than people

At first I want to say that I am a reader. A reader isn't someone, who just likes to read, but who feels a strong attachment to a book or a character in a book. We feel as we are literally living the story with the characters. Our whole life can be changed by a good story, and until we finish it, we can't think about anything else. We feel the same emotions, as the character feels, but 10 times stronger. You can't choose to be a reader. You have to be lucky enough to be born with this gift. I am a reader and I am proud of that.πŸ“šβœ¨

Some people say that if we live in a book's story, et mens, that we don't have our own life, but it is a wrong opinion. It only means that we choose to have many of them. We live thousand lives before we die. A person who never reads, lives only one. Unfortunately, very few people read today. They prefer to watch movies, and if they don't like it, they think that the book is bad too. But they mustn't judge a book by its movie. Sometimes I watch the movie and afterwards read the book, and sometimes I do the opposite. And I am really sorry for those people, with whom I watch the movie after reading its book, because I know what will happen, and when something doesn't match the book, I begin criticize the movie and tell what actually happens. Yes, this is my strange habit, But I can't do anything about it. πŸ˜‡ I can even say that I am addicted to books. When I read a book, I read it chapter by chapter, and so that it ends. I can be characterized by this phrase-"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy books, and that's kind of the same thing. And one of my big dreams is having my own library, when I have my own home. I will sit there cuddling in a blanket and read books for hours, and nobody will disturb me.

So this is my opinion about books and reading.  I think, that if a person who wants to be happy in this life, he must read as much books as he can, because they can be really good teachers for all the spheres of life. Let's hope, that one day all the people will understand the importance of books in their lives, and will read many books of all kinds.πŸ“–πŸ“š