The Great Costa Concordia

by:Chloe Tomney


The costa concordia is a great ship and a amazing ship to discover.Come on the adventure with me.

The Amazing Ship

The costa concordia was a cool ship.The ship launched september 2,2005 at Sestri ponente. The ship was $570 million dollars to build.It was 952 feet long.Thats 3 football fields long.There were 1,500 cabins and 5 spa's.A chocolate bar too.They even had a casino.A fitness center,with a gym and thalossotherapy pool.They also had video games in the kids area.

The People

The people were in trouble.The costa concordia killed just 32 people.After the people on the ship were saved they got sent to Italy.21 people are still missing.The costa concordia hit rocky, shallow water.That is so bad.

The Ships Worst Part

Right after the wreck Dolphins and Whales could not swim in that area because so much pollution.At least 164 foot gash in the ships hull when wrecked witch caused water to pour in.

The Very Ending

Now that you know that the costa concordia is really cool you may want to read about the Titanic.The costa concordia layed on its side for 20 month's.The ship was twice the weight of the Titanic. Costa concordia was pulled up right at 4 a.m.It took 19 hours to pull up right.The ship did not move the first three hours.The team was proud because people said they could not do it.


pour: To let it flow in a steady stream.

Pollution:The process of letting out wastes or poisonous substance into the air.

Rocky:Lot's of rock's.

Shallow:water that is not that deep.

Hull:The very bottom of a ship.

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