Trash problems in Missouri

by:Isabella kopala

Define the problem: The problem is people are littering and when you litter it is setting bad chemicals in the air. And possibly killing animals.

Discover: I discovered that people are littering and it is causing pollution problems we got to this point by having people who are being lazy and don't want to go all the way to a trash can to throw there trash away.

Dream: My dream is for people to stop littering so we wont have any pollution or have less pollution and deadly chemicals.

Design: My solution is to come up with a plan to help people to stop polluting the air. This is my plan: my plan is to get people who are willing to help save the earth and we will go around in the neighborhoods and pick up the trash that we find we will use trash bags to put the trash in.

In conclusion I think that people should get a grip and get back in the recycling business and help save the animals and of course save the planet.

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