1. Paul ZindelPlaywright
  2. Children: Lizabeth Zindel, David Zindel
  3. Plays: The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, More (Google)
  4.   Title: The Pigman
  5. Author: Paul Zindel
  6. Date Published: 1968
    Meaning of the Title: Refers to the nickname John and Lorraine, two New York teenagers, give the old man named Mr. Pignati, whom they befriend and who teaches them much about life before he dies.
    Setting: New York City circa 1968
    Protagonists: John Conlan and Lorraine Jensen.......


  • Lorraine and John play the phone call game,where they call a random people in the phone book and Pignati "donates $10 to fake L&J fund.


  •  They meet Mr.Pignati
  • They pretend to be  part of fund
  • They get $10
  • He show them his house
  • He show them the pigs
  • They call the Pigman
  • Pigman takes them to the zoo and they meet BoBo the baboon
  • Tell them about his life
  • They find out about his wife


  • Norton shows up uninvited to John's and Lorraine's party at Mr. Pignati's house and destroys the pig collection.
  • Angry that he has not been invited, Norton shows up at the party. He steals electrical equipment and smashes the pigs, looking for money. Mr. Pignati comes home from the hospital unexpectedly and sees the ruin of his pigs and his wife's clothes.
  • Getting to know him,and started to feel bad for him since he is so lonely


The cops bust up the party

Lorraine get screamed at by their parents

John gets accused of not trying

The pigman feels betrayed


  • John and Lorraine mature and they realize that there is nobody to blame, it was their fault.
  • The pigman dies
  • John realizes life is important
  • Lorraine realizes she likes John
  • They both appreciate life


John Conlan

Lorraine Jense


Lorraine's Mother

John's Father

John's Mother

Norton Kelly


- The fact that they were prank calling would lead to trouble

- The stuff about them dressing up

- The mini-prologue prepares us for a serious event which will take place in the lives of John and Lorraine.

-Lorraine’s still eyes as described by John foreshadows how important the Pigman’s life and death were to them.

-John’s description of Norton and Dennis as amoebas prepares us for how Norton will have an impact leading to the Pigman’s death


-Pigs: life and love

-Bobo: friendship

-Death Notice: Conchetta isn't really in California

-Cemetery: someone or something is going to die

-When the Pigman's pigs get broken: pain and hurt.

-Black: Sign of death

-Zoo: Happiness and caring.

-Blue: Lorraine's eyes

-Death: afterlife

-dream of the pig room: death

-the Red dress: a sign of hope

-Rollerskates: a sign of childhood and new hope

-The exotic foods: trying something new in life

-Masterson's tomb: the sign of what might come next

-Theft: trying to be known

- The untouched Bedroom: trying not to forget

-The lock on the phone: trying to protect someone


  • View about life and how people behave
  • Peer Pressure
  • Honesty
  • You people in your life to make your happy
  • Appreciate every second in your life
  • Do not take people advantage of people


Pigman vs himself

John vs Norton

Lorraine vs Society

John vs Lorraine

John vs Bore


The novel, The Pigman, is set in New York City in the specific neighborhood    and school, specifically Franklin High School, of John Conlan and Lorraine Jensen circa 1968.


Mr. Pignati goes upstairs and cries. John and Lorraine go home.


My connections with the pigman was that John and Lorraine was kind like me because something you have to stop and look at yourself to Know that it was you who to blame.



πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†aboveπŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†me is some pictures of Paul Zindel kid


This story is filled with mood swings just like adolescents whose bodies and minds are constantly changing. We very much like John and Lorraine at times and.......


- β€œBut I gave up all that kid stuff now that I’m a sophomore. The only thing I do now that is faintly criminal is write on desks.” (p. 3)

-β€œIn fact, the thing Lorraine and I liked best about the Pigman was that he didn’t go around saying we were cards or jazzy or cool or hip. He said we were delightful . . .” (p. 16)


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3 years ago

i think john is to blame because he should not have been taking money from a sweet old man.

3 years ago

I think it was the parents fault because if they would've showed them affection and attention they would be a GREAT family

3 years ago

😡 😠 😔 😒 😌 😊 😄

3 years ago

I think there is no one to blame because Mr. Pignati died on his own, no one did anything to make him die unless he died just because john and lorrain lied to him, but other than that he moslty died on his own.

3 years ago

John is to blame because Lorraine told him not to throw the party because it might be out of control. It was also Lorraine's fault by going over bored and taking the dresses out

3 years ago

I blame Mr.Pignati for his death. I blame him because he knew that he was to old to have young teenagers as a friend. If he had never met him he would have never been in that situation.

3 years ago

Well I think everyone can recieve a little blame because yes Lorrain choose the number but they had a good relationship as freinds going on and ms.pignati actually trusted them but you can blmae john for deciding to throw a party without any permession. Another thing is that Lorrain actually told john not to throw a party but he didnt listin so then it got out of hand

3 years ago

john and lorraine

3 years ago

John and Lorraine, because even though they were just doing simple foolish kids things they should be punished. However this punishment in return left someone with a broken heart in return. On the other hand you gotta think about if Mr. Pignati would have died the way BoBo the baboon did.

3 years ago

I would blame John because hes the one that mad lorraine go to Mr.Pignati house. I also blame Mr.Pignati because if he just gave them the money and not got to attached to strangers he may have not died. I also blame Lorraine and John's parents because mabey if they had raised some since into there children they would have been more behaved and more aware of what they were doing. I dont however think it was Lorraine because she did not want to go over his house in the first place. By the way awsome tackk.