Air and space Museum

Scott Baldwin turn to heavier than air flying machines in 1909. In the summer spring of 1911 he began testing new airplane called the red Devil. Baldwin build about six or a devil.Most were powered by 60 hp wall Scott V8 and few by Curtis and other engines

millitary aviation

The airplane emerge from World War I recognize widely for the potential on it as a military weapon.The museum's collection of the 1920s and 1930s military aircraft contains many one-of-a-kind and solves surviving aircraft.The advicates faced institutional resistance and major bugets.they also faced the danger of pushing the capabilities of a rapidly developing technology during the regular operations combat.

human spaceflight

human days flight is one of the great achievements of the modern age. Not content to master the flight in the atmosphere,inventors,engeineersand scientists in the us Press to head to explore space.union/russia,and other nations have made human spaceflight a priority.humans Spaceflight is a story of the daring and ingenuity of countless people in space and on the ground who brought the space-age to being.

science in space

Mars Pathfinder was the first spacecraft to land on the red planet since the two Viking leaders in was launched on December 4, 1996 and reached mars on July 4, 1997.The spacecraft entered the planets then atmosphere it was slow to buy a parachute then rockets and landing by bouncing on inflated airbags.The lander in airbags displayed here are full scale engineering phototypes.

vertical flight

The statements reflect the value of limitations of the to operate for yearly from nearly any place on earth, helicopters came closer than any other aircraft to achieving the birdlike freedom humanity.however is the same technology that makes possible also prevents the helicopter from achieving the speeds and payload capacity of airplanes performing similar functions. As a helicopter engine turns the rotor is opposing reaction force rotates the fuseage in opposite direction.The first three decades of the 20th century you did helicopters that could fly.

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