Exploration Proposal

Why I should go to the New World
By: Naveen Logachandar
Date: October 29, 2014

The Italian Wars

Our Problem

Hello King Francis I, I want to help my home country France. This is why I am asking you King of France to fund my expedition because we have lost many resources during the Italian Wars, so my plan is to explore the western territory to find resources that will help our country, France.  We have lost stone, coal, and oil. These will help our country rebuild and succeed. I plan to make this journey in 1545.

My Route

As you can see my route may be longer then others but is safer with soft currents and calm seas. This route takes more time but we do not have to risk people dying from diseases or ship wreckage. Honestly trying to save time by letting people die but getting to the destination quicker is not correct.  I am planning to stop at Norfolk, Virginia because it accessible  by ship and is convenient. Even though England, Spain, and Portugal are exploring while I am they all stopped and landed in different parts of the New World.

What I Need

I will need food to last the treacherous journey along with clean utensils to eat. Also rope to measure our speed and a compass to see where to go. One of the most important things King Francis I is a map to see where we are heading and where to go. I will need  weapons in case we encounter enemy ships or Spanish navy. Something we also need is a strong ship to sail the seas with protection.  

What I shall Find

Knowing that you are trying to find stone and wood along with and people to rebuild our army. I am aiming to find stone because I know we need it to build our castles.  Also lumber would be resourceful because that will help build homes that can be occupied which is one of your priorities. Oil so our small factory that develops metal can work flawlessly and improve your beloved economy. I will try to find people who are willing to join an army but if I cannot find any I will make them.  Also I shall try to find gold but I shall not waste my time trying to find a rare valuable.

Why I will find more resources then others

I will help France find more resources than other countries because all the others are caught up on gold or magic fountains but I will look for resources that are needed and that will help the economy. Also the place I land at will have a huge impact because there could be resources that we could get first. I am going to look for new trade routes for Frnace to gain resources. Also other Europeans are looking for land, and lumber along with trade routes.

How we will divide work

I will make sure that everybody gets a fair share of work to help France. All the men will look for resources and hunt for food. All the women will plant crops and cut down lumber. Everyone will always be working or helping out in some way. We shall have daily exploration hours where everybody including me will help out.

What you will get along with alternate plan.

You will get 80% of all the resources but the explorers will keep 20. with that you will be able to rebuild our country from the Italian wars. If My plan does not work then I shall come back and re plan my route along with what I will do. Also if I encounter other explorers then I will try to avoid them but if necessary I shall work with them. I think this is a great choice if you would fund and pick me rather than other French explorers because I will be intelligent and smart with how and what I do with the resources for you. The varying elevations will be hard for us along with the muddy surfaces which could bring malaria and other hardships which is expected. I will try to avoid these as well as I can by going alternate routes and different techniqeus.


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