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Butler’s Best - Electronic Professionalism and Classroom Disposition

Emporia State University has mentioned that their Butler students are among the top students in their Elementary Education Programs, particularly in their electronic professionalism and their classroom behavior/disposition. Please continue to perpetuate this professionalism in your class and online by including the related grading rubric in your ED class(es). Be sure to practice electronic professionalism in your e-mails to students, faculty and me. We want to be the leaders in professionalism in our ED Department, right?!

Observation Hours

Do not make exceptions to the observation/field experience requirement in the ED courses. Students enrolled in ED 206 must observe for 30 total hours in accredited K-12 schools, with 10 hours in K-5 grades, 10 hours in 6-8 grades, and 10 hours in 9-12 grades. Students enrolled in ED 222 must have 5 hours of technology field experience in accredited K-12 schools PLUS the applied classroom facilitation experience. Students in the ED 220 course must have 10 hours of Special Education field experience in accredited K-12 schools.

Observation/Field Experience Code of Conduct

See the below list that should be included in your syllabus for all students. We have had a few issues with disrespect from our Butler students during the K-12 observations in the past. Please prevent this issue from becoming a problem by addressing respect and a professional code of conduct prior to sending students out to observe in K-12 schools. We don’t want Butler students to be banned from K-12 schools, so please be proactive in this area. If an issue arises, address it quickly and either drop the student from your course (without the option for tuition refund) or give an F for the observation/field experience, depending on the severity. Please keep the lines of communication open with K-12 schools, teachers, and principals.

Field Experience Code of Conduct

Class Activities & Professional Behavior

Students will be graded on professionalism and disposition during class activities throughout the semester. This includes electronic correspondence as well as in-class attitude and behavior.

In addition to the rubric grading guidelines, students must follow the below electronic professionalism guidelines for all e-mail correspondence to their professor, their peers, and to the teachers and/or principals for the field experiences (observations).

Electronic Professionalism Guidelines

1. Always begin e-mails with a salutation that includes the person’s name and title. For example:

                Dr. Gutierrez,

                Please accept this e-mail as confirmation of our appointment on……


                John Smith

2. Always end your e-mail with your name—first and last name. (See the above example.)

Guidelines for School Visits

  • When Butler students meet teachers and principals in person, professional dress is required. Jeans, shorts, and t-shirts are not permitted, nor are low-cut shirts/blouses or high-cut skirts/dresses.
  • Butler students must remain courteous and patient at all times, despite how they are treated by school personnel. It is essential to remember that teachers and principals are very busy and they are helping all Butler students by allowing us to observe/participate in their school. If personnel seem curt or unfriendly, simply smile and be polite in return.
  • Last but not least, Butler students should always send a thank you note or e-mail to all related school personnel after each visit in the school. This will make a lasting impression—a positive lasting impression!

Consequences for Conduct Incidents

If Butler receives a report of your unprofessional code of conduct during your K-12 field experience, one of the following will occur at the discretion of your instructor:

1. You will receive an F on the observation/field experience project.

2. You will receive an F for the course.

3. You will be dropped from the course without a tuition refund.

Butler Partnerships

Please continue to promote our BEST Program as it grows into the Andover location (as well as El Dorado).

Works in Progress

ESU is interested in developing a secondary education partnership for Butler students. Our first possible content area will be English/Language Arts.

Newman University is partnering with us for another elementary education program but with an emphasis in middle level endorsements in specific content areas.

I have re-opened communication with Southwestern College to further promote the Secondary Math Program (81 credits with Butler and 43 with Southwestern) by offering all coursework on our BOE or BOA campus.

The Personal Touch

I am disappointed that we never get to meet as a department, but I have settled for the once-a-semester news update. If any of you prefer to meet in person and IF you will all show up to a meeting, please let me know. We could meet for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or coffee to discuss tips and tricks in the ED classes and beyond. After all, a personal connection is so much nicer!

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