Immigration policy and laws have been influenced by race in American and they can be seen when looking at job opportunities and schooling opportunities. Immigrants are required to get Visa’s in order to work and go to school in the US. In our readings and the module we see that some immigrants like the Chinese or Mexicans faced different laws and at times they were not even allowed to enter the US.

Immigration in the 19th and 20th centuries are similar to the immigration of today because those who move to the US are looking for better opportunities and they want better lives and those wanting to come into the country and still required some sort of documentation to get into the US. Immigration is different today than it was back then because the conditions for most immigrants today is less harsh, and they are not prone to as much sickness and diseases like they were in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Race, racism, the media and politics help frame the way we discuss immigration today in American because each item has a huge role in influencing how some one sees a group of people. The media can create any image they want to of a certain group of people and immediately, those who are watching or listening will have that image of that group of people. If the media says a group is dangerous, some people won’t even think twice and they will already believe that that group is dangerous.

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2 years ago

The sickness that you mentioned is actually a plus, however it does not seem to influence the way our new immigrants are perceived or harrassed in the media.