Lesson 8

The words to this lesson are...

Biodegradable-readily broken down or rotted, especially by the action of bacteria.

Clarity-clearness in quality or appearance.                                                               

Confine-to keep or hold within limits; to restrict.                                                        

Ecstasy-very great happiness.                                                                                  

Exhale-to breathe out.                                                                                                

Grave-important; worthy of being deeply considered .                                                

Inflammation-a hot, red, sore swelling of                                                                     the body.                                                                                                  

    Lurk-to stay hidden, usually ready to attack or spring out                                              suddenly.                                                                                                                  

Monotous-having little or no change; boring because of sameness.                       

Primitive-of or belonging to earliest times.                                                               

Reel-to walk or move unsteadily; to stagger or sway, form dizziness.                      

Remnant-that which remains or is left over.   

Surpass-to do better;  be greater than ; or go beyond.

Unruly-hard to control; disobedient.                                       

    Trial- the act of trying or testing.                                                                                 



This is a photo of lurk.
this is a trial.
this is remnant cloth.
this is a photo of surpass.
this is a photo of biodegradable.
this is a photo of primitve
This is a photo of exhale.
this is a photo of clarity

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