My Digital Reflective Portfolio
By: Lucy Wittenbaum, Bell 7

I consider myself literate in the 21st century, because I am able to relate and communicate with other people using four components of social literacy: textual, visual, social, and digital.  This year I've learned a lot about these four literacy skills.  Throughout the year, I've done multiple projects on these four categories, which has helped me grow as a person, and strengthened my communication and technology skills. I am able to determine which of these four skills are the most useful/helpful to engage my audience's full attention.

To be textually literate means that you can look at any text or picture, and be able to put it into your own words so you can understand it more, and help other people understand it how you do.  I don't really like reading that much unless it's about something I find interesting.  This semester, we read the book "Little Brother" by Cory Doctorow.  It was a book about high school kids using technology as another world.  This book was really interesting because technology can be used for so many different things.  It shows that you shouldn't trust everything you see/read on the internet, and can't trust someone you talk to over the internet.  They might not be who they say they are.  Reading this book helped me become more textually literate, by learning lots about technology, and working with different groups of people in my class to discuss the book together.  I had to read this book and analyze/interpret what was going on and try to understand all of it.

Visual literacy is used with pictures, movies, clips, etc.  I am a very visual leaner.  Seeing things while being taught something helps me catch on a lot easier.  We had to watch a movie called "The Thin Blue Line."  I noticed the movie's way of editing, lighting, angles of filming, and more that contributed to how movie's can draw the audience's attention in.  Watching this film and taking notes and having quizzes on it helped me learn more about being visually literate, because there's a lot more to movies than the actors and their scripts.  

Being socially literate means being able to communicate well with others using forms of technology.  I am socially literate everyday.  I use mulitple social media sites daily, such as Twitter, Instagram, email, Snapchat, and texting.  These are several popular ways people communicate using technology, as well as many more.  A project we did about social literacy was social advertising.  This project was basically selling yourself to your peers and adults to make them seem interested in you.  I used this website, tackk, to create a blog about me and dance.  This project helped enhance my advertising skills using technology, by helping me present myself to different kinds of audiences to portray the same message.

This digital reflective portfolio is helping me show Ms. Pitts all the things I have learned this year using technology.  I am combining my textual, visual, social, and digital knowledge to prove I have really increased my abilities in these four components.  I would say my skills have become a lot better since the year started.  I am capable of being able to communicate with different audiences textually, visually, socially, and digitally.  I can present myself in all of these ways.  This is why I am literate in the 21st century, because of 21st century texts.

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