Alexia Gomez History

1) Why was Jerusalem important to your group?

          A) Jerusalem was very important to the muslim group because,Jerusalem is important to Muslims, because there is the Dome of Rock, where Mohammad, their prophet, made a nighttime journey heaven. It is the site where Muslims believe their prophet ascended into Heaven. Also, there is Masjid Al Aqsa, where Muslims used to pray.       

2) The reason for the crusades based on your group's point of view.

          A) The Crusades are traditionally defined as the series of western expeditions against the Muslim lands of Palestine and the Levant which begun with Pope Urban's call to arms at Clermont in 1095AD, and all but ended with the Muslim liberation of Acre in 1291. The initial western offensive was sudden and effective. By 1099, Jerusalem was in Christian hands, and remained so until 1187, when it was liberated by Salah al-Din ('Saladin'). From then on, European power in the region was very limited, although Frederick II of Sicily briefly conquered Jerusalem again in 1228. But effective power was restricted to the Frankish coastal city-states, which operated as local war-lords among others similar. The 'fall of Acre' in 1291 marked the end of the European presence in the region.

3) The effects of the crusades on your group.

           A) For medieval men and women, the crusade was an act of piety, charity, and love; but it was also a means of defending their world, their culture, and their way of life. It is not surprising, then, that the crusades lost their appeal when Christians no longer identified themselves first and foremost as members of one body of Christ. By the sixteenth century, Europe was dividing itself along political rather than religious lines. In that new world, the crusade had no place.

4) Your group's perception of other groups.

          A)They are perceived by a very small minority of Jews and Christians as unbelievers and as their enemies although the vast majority of educated Jews and Christians will simply view them as fellow humans worshipping the same God according to their own beliefs and traditions. Muslims view Jews and Christians as " people of the book" as Muslims believe in their holy books; The Bible and the Torah; and their prophets; Jesus and Moses.

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