The first form of entertainment.
A presentation by Jackson Carter

Folklore is a collection of genres passed down from generation to generation. Folklore originated from cultures looking for ways to explain the unexplainable. What started out as explanations turned into entertainment.  Centuries ago, few people knew how to read or write.  They also didn't have anything else to do but sit around and tell stories.  

There are many sub-genres of text that go along with folklore. One of them are known as myths.

Myths are fictional stories created by ancient people to explain how something came to be.  The main characters are usually Gods and Goddesses.  Examples of this kind of story include; Hercules, King Titan, and Percy Jackson.  

Legends are another type of folktale. A legend a story based on real people and events but have been exaggerated over time.  The main characters in legends usually accomplish impossible tasks.  Blackbeard, Pocahontas, and Santa Clause are all examples of legendary characters.  They are all based on real people and events in history, however their actions may have been exaggerated over time.  

A fable is a fiction story that tells a lesson at the end. The lesson is called a moral.  Fables use  talking animals, or animation to tell the story.  Some famous Fables are; 'The Tortoise and the Hare', 'The Boy that Cried Wolf', and 'The Little Red Hen'.

A Tall Tale is a fiction story with impossible events.Paul Bunyan is a Tall Tale because of the impossible events in the story.For example,he had a giant blue ox named Babe.

An Epic is also a type of folklore.  It is usually a long poem or story that tells about a hero's adventure.  Characters in an epic are usually fighting between good and evil in some grand way, like a battle.  

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