Marco Polo

His Exploration.
Mr Jeremy

Marco Polo was a very great explorer. He has done some great things and he discovered a lot of fantastic places that without him we wouldn't have.

"This is my first day traveling and the life is so crazy. There way of life is very different from home. The ship is very unhygienic, there is a lot of diseases that will spread very quickly. But I'm very excited to start working on the ship because it seems like I could be good at it. No doubt its very hard work but I hope I will make some memories with father and my brothers. Also it will be great when I want to rule a ship of my own. So dont worry mother there is some difilculties but im enjoying it."

"Its getting harder day by day with less food and less water. More people are getting the diseases on the ship so its becoming more of a problem every single day. Also, there's water rats coming on the ship and the spreading all their diseases to many of our people. Its very hard to live with this many people and most of them fighting alot because of the lack of sleep we can get. I miss home very much so and I hope its not long until i get back.

"Were in asia now and we've been sailing for it for years. This is what we sailing for all this time and its huge. But im sure we've only same part of it because we planned it to be bigger than this. I think it might be maybe half of Asia or possibly a quarter but we're here now and we have discovered a new place. I should be home in a year or so. I cant wait too see you mother. I love you.


That picture is the journey Marco Polo took in his adventure to find new places. It was amazing his adventures because he did it all with his family. He was very close with his brother; they did a lot together. The two young Italians were the people who discovered Iraq. They also discovered a lot of countries in Asia because they traveled the Persian sea.

On Marco's adventure he met a lot of local people because he stopped often at a lot of different places. Marco was different from the other explorers, he was respectuful to the native people. They treated him with respect so he thought why should I not treat them the same way

One of Marcos most famous explorations was china because it was such a big place with some many people but not all were Chinese people a lot of them were native people. They treated the Polos very well so they treated the natives with the same respect. Marco had a very hard time on the ship. There was not much food and very little water. Also people would start fighting with each other because there was no beds, so people got very little sleep which lead them to fight a lot. Finally the workers got paid very little so they didn't want to be on the ship because they thought why work this hard for the little amount we are getting paid. In the Polo's last year of travelling in 1921 they discovered the Spice Islands which was Indonesia. In 1324 Marco Polo died and it was a horrible tragedy, but his diary that he wrote went on to inspire a lot of great other explorers like Christopher .

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