Waterproof Gore Tex shoes is the correct test method of filling in the shoes must have a high degree of water, dumped in the centrifuge for 20 minutes, no water seeps through the qualifying. Because consumers do not have this equipment, often soaking tests, this approach is not only unscientific, and cannot get accurate test results, but can damage the leather. If the feet of a  air jordan 13 reflective part touch grinding waterproof cover for a long time a part, also results in the area of film damage, may also affect waterproofing. Therefore cannot be expected to outdoor shoes rain boots waterproof, need to be well maintained and in use in order to reduce the damage, extend the life of the shoe.Durable sexual: face outdoor harsh complex of conditions, on various equipment are is a test, a double performance excellence of outdoor shoes also must has rugged of features, to adapted various complex of terrain, if outdoor shoes cannot adapted outdoor harsh of conditions,

frequently off end of, and frequently kaijiao, air jordan 12 for sale and how to completed you of journey trip does? so some upscale brand of outdoor shoes, are has substantial of durable sexual. Thus we can think, selected high performance outdoor shoes, is often the first step toward outside is impossible to imagine without a good pair of shoes can travel, much less imagine wearing worn shoes to walk, when you're into the outdoors and low-grade choice means that you will lose your security protection.Why do we wear special shoes to play the "China-shoes shoes network and life" the public generally at the bottom of the shoes are made of leather, suitable for beginners or less demanding players wear. Common shoes are two shoes is the same, no design for golfers of left and right serves different glide needed, glide and halt all discounted. Some people in order to solve this problem in run-up sprinkle talcum powder may help at first slip, but soon found that glide more smoothly.

Reason is glide at high temperature, cheap air jordan 10 resulting in talcum powder into durum, and adhesive soles; or when a player goes beyond the foul line, oil back seats to the fairway, the sole oil and talcum powder or dirt stuck together, thus affecting the glide. What is more permanent wear is talcum powder on the run-up area. So you know how to maintain road arena will be the prohibition of the use of talcum powder. Worthy of mention is the international bowling Association (FIQ) on running in the competition area is strictly prohibited to use any goods helped slide.So, dedicated shoes has what advantages does? dedicated shoes of bottom has skin do, also has rubber do of, it of features is in forefoot Palm part plus a fiber, to tie left, and right hand serve of players of different needs: right hand players to left feet sliding step, fiber end of put in left feet of shoes Shang: left players to right feet sliding step, fiber end of is put in right feet of shoes Shang. High-grade special purpose shoes can replace soles, with different degrees of slip required. Playing and competing players, understand the benefits and importance of special purpose shoes. Special purpose shoes, expensive, and they are happy to buy.