Electronic Health Records – The Logical Next Step In Evolution Of Medical Science

Electronic health records refer to the system through which a medical record can be kept safe in a digital format in a centralised repository as well as in cloud storage with standardised attributes. These medical records make it very easy for anyone to access particular medical file as they can be retrieved from any place. As Our world as we know is in the middle of being digitised and every aspect of our life in now somehow liked to the digital space. The inclusion of the healthcare aspects of our life would logically follow suit.

• Electronic health recording systems are going to be very useful for everyone for the different walks of life. For example, for a common man it is going to benefit his health as all of his medical history will be with him all the time. It is going to be possible as these records can be stored and retrieved from a variety of devices. Even smartphones are capable of such tasks.

• Medical institutions are going to hugely benefit from such advancements as all the data they require in case of an emergency is going to be present even before the patient arrives at the hospital. All their treatment records can now be centrally stored on the digital networks and are just a few clicks away. In this way institutions can work way more efficiently and well as swiftly.

• No more hassles from duplication of data and the waiting times for new test reports in case of lost medical records. Imagine how many lives are going to be saved!

• Even the research groups and universities are going to benefit from electronic health record systems as scores of medical data is going to be available from all over the world. Researchers and students can now study the cases from all round the globe.

• Financial institutions like insurance companies will benefit from such advancements as even they will not have to worry about the discrepancies in medical records of their clients. These agencies will be able to work even more speedily and in turn can earn a good repute for themselves by minimising their client's claim efforts.

• Pharmaceutical companies are going to get a huge boost in their research and development areas. Now they can have all the health records from around the world to improve upon their current products as well as find new revolutionary medicines as this much of information was never really available at any cost in the past.

The future of human race is in the hands of the medical science as we are near to holding god like powers of saving lives. Centralised medical records are going to play a crucial role in uniting all of us a one global family. It is going to lead us to a future where we are not going to lose our loved ones because of some disease. Just think about the deaths from malaria and other epidemic diseases just a century ago. Now the number of those disease cases has decreased greatly as we can efficiently fight them. Similarly humankind is going to develop to be a truly advanced specie which will eradicate deaths from diseases with the help of the digital revolution.

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