Rock Cycle

By: Jane Sundell

Weathering and Erosion

This occurs through the action of water and wind.

Transport and Deposition

Sediments created by weathering are transported and deposited by water and wind.


Sediments becoming a layer.

Compaction and Cementation

The sediments compress together and become stuck together

Sedimentary Rocks

rock formed by sediments compacting and cementing together

Burial, High Temperatures and Pressure

The layers are close to the heat of the molten and magma. This heat changes the rock form of sedimentary or igneous rock into metamorphic rock.

Metamorphic Rock

Type of rock formed from another type of rock being exposed to extreme heat and pressure changing it into another rock


The hot magma and mantel melt the metamorphic rocks

Magma from molten crust and mantle

The hot mantle interacts with the lithosphere causing magma chambers to form


-inside lithosphere

-melts metamorphic and sedimentary rocks forming into igneous rock.

2 things can happen next...

extrusive Igneous

rock formed near or at the earth's surface              

Intrusive Igneous                             

Rock formed from the cooling and solidification of the magma beneath the surface

When you put everything together it will look like this: