A Day in the Life of a Vietnam

The country I chose was Vietnam, my students name is Bui Buy Binh, and he is eleven years old. He is in the fifth grade and lives with his mom, dad, and his younger brother. He lives in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  

Time Periods

5:30 Bui wakes ups, brushes teeth, and buys food from a vendor called pho.

6.30 Mom or dad gives him a ride to school on his motorcycle, it is a ten minute ride.

7:20 A teacher comes in and teaches the kids art.

12:00 When he gets home he waters the plants on his roof and waits for his mom to get so they can eat lunch.

6:00 He helps his mom prepare dinner.

8:00 I take a shower and go to bed.

Time Periods in my Life

5:30 I'm stilling sleeping in my bed.

6:30 I just woke up.

7:20 My dad takes me and my brother to school in his car, it is a five to ten minute drive.

12:00 I'm at school about to go to lunch.

6:00 I am eating dinner with my family.

8:00 I'm playing Xbox with my brother,

Now I will tell you the differences and similarities between me and Bui, I will tell the differences first then the similarities. He wakes up early than I do. He wakes and buys a food called pho. His family takes him to school on a motorcycle. When he gets home he waters his plants that are on top of his roof. We both go to school. He eats dinner with his family just like me. We both repeat the same day over and over.    

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