Bacteria Immune to Antibiotics

*First things first, what are antibiotics? Antibiotics are prescribed to ill people who have contracted some kind of bacterial infection.

-Types of Antibiotics:

*(bacteriocidal)- kill bacteria directly.

*(bacteriostatic)- hamper their ability to grow and reproduce.

*Issue with the overuse of antibiotics has led to a latent consequence. The issue with overusing an antibiotic is that the bacteria becomes immune to antibiotics and can lead to fatal consequences. The intended purpose of an antibiotic was just to eliminate the illness or slow it down from growing/spreading.

*A couple ways to solve this problem is by:

1) Finishing all your anyibiotics even if you're feeling better!

2) Using antibiotics for infections only! (Not the cold or flu!)

3) Having good hygeine to avoid bacterial infection in first place!

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