The fight of a man and his inspiration to the world

Freddie Mercury, the singer of Queen, was one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. He is remembered as a talented artist who, both with Queen and on solo, gave the world an impressive amount of outstanding songs. But behind all the glory and admiration, there is still a man that had to go through many struggles in his life, such has his homosexuality and AIDS.

Indeed, Freddie Mercury, who's actual name is Farrokh Bulsara, always stayed very quiet about his personal life. His whole life, rumors about his homosexuality were running. In 1976, while he had been married to Mary Austin for six years, he chose to announce to her his homosexuality. They eventually divorced later that year. Still, Freddie and Mary stayed very close ; the singer would often refer to Mary as «his only true friend».

In 1986, at 40 years old, Freddie Mercury discovered he had AIDS. The press tried several times to make him confess his illness, but Mercury denied it until the very end. Even if he was sick, the singer insisted to continue his work with Queen. The videoclips of his last album Innuendo show him very skinny and fragile. On February 20th, 1990, Mercury made his last public appearance at the British Awards, were Queen received the award of the Best British Band of the 1980's.

Finally, it is a pneumonia that led to his death the 24th November of 1991. He revealed he was affected by AIDS to the world the day before his death.

After Freddie's death, in 1992, the other membres of Queen created The Mercury Phoenix Trust. This foundation' goal is to raise awareness and to fund charities to fight against HIV and AIDS. Since 2010, the campaign «Freddie For a Day» was created to raise funds. Every 5th September, people are invited to dress up as Freddie Mercury and to raise money for the foundation. In 2013, this campaign raised a total amount of 135,215 pounds. Since 1992, The Mercury Phoenix Trust gave away more than 15 million dollars and funded over 700 projects worldwide.

The least we can say about Freddie Mercury is that he has inspired, by his music and his struggle, generations of people who are now working together in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

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