University of South Carolina

Aubrey Ramos

4th Period

I chose the University of South Carolina because of their outstanding veterinary program. Now in its 47th year, USC continues to strive towards its vision of becoming one of the Southeast's leading "metropolitan" universities.

I chose this University because of the great veterinary program they carry with them, as well as their amazing softball team. In college I would love to fulfill my dream, which is to play D1 softball. Other than softball I have chosen to become a veterinarian when I finish college. After noticing South Carolina's veterinary program, it caught my attention because how great it is. So I have decided to achieve my dreams and goals at The University of South Carolina.

School's location


College Application


*Freshman application with $50 application fee

*Official SAT or ACT scores, including at least one official writing score

*Guidance counselor evaluation form

*required to self-report your academic work and upload a copy of your unofficial high-school transcript in JPG, PDF, or Word document format

*Freshman admission to the University of South Carolina is primarily based on high school courses and grades, along with SAT or ACT scores

Campus Life

About USC :

*The university of South Carolina has grown to serve more than 29,000 students with classrooms, labs, offices, residential sites, athletics and performance venues, wellness facilities, and extensive green spaces that contribute to an complete educational experience

*USC also has great hangouts, for example their Barns and Noble as well as their Grand market place food court and restaurants

*USC also offers mind-expanding possibilities enhanced with personal attention, comfortably small communities and warm Southern hospitality

*USC is one of only 40 public universities to earn the Carnegie Foundation’s top-tier designations in research activity and community engagement

*USC is top ten sport and entertainment management graduate program

My career Path

In the future I hope to become a veterinarian. I want to help animals with their injuries and possibly save their lives. My aspiration, as I leave college, is to become an extraordinary veterinarian and to get an amazing position. The purpose of me choosing this career is because I enjoy the company of animals and they intrigue me, which encourages me to work with them in my future.

At the University of South Carolina, they carry an amazing education for the future graduates trying to gain the knowledge to become veterinarians. After doing my research on their great program, it encouraged me to choose The University of South Carolina. Besides becoming a veterinarian, I hope to fulfill my dream on becoming a D1 softball player for the university. That would be my main goal.

The University of South Carolina has an amazing softball program that I hope to become apart of. They have amazing wins every season and I hope I can achieve my goal to becoming one of them,

Educational requirements

Some requirements that they have are the basic educational knowledge we need today.

*Ability to communicate in English, both orally and in writing

*Demonstrate an understanding of the ability to apply scientific investigations and logical reasoning

*An upstate graduate should be able to integrate and critically evaluate information

General Education Requirements:

-English and Speech

-One Mathematics course and course from math, logic, or statistics

-One information Technology course

-Two courses including one laboratory course selected from : astronomy, biology, chemistry, geography, geology, and physics


Letter of Intent

Aubrey Ramos

3753, Tierra Aurora

El Paso TX 79938

915-538-5643, 915-538-5622

May 13, 2015


3400 Joe Battle BLVD

El Paso TX 79938

Dear to whom it may concern,

Please accept my letter of interest in applying for this job. I feel that my skills and knowledge would prove to you that I would do great for your organization. I am very confident that my qualities can help improve this organization. I am an excellent communicator, like to learn new things, and a great team worker. I don’t mind on helping other workers as well as customers. No matter how my day is going, I will always be polite to our customers and have a positive attitude.

I would greatly appreciate if you would consider me to work for you, including your company. I would love for you to respond to this letter of interest and contact me and inform me about your organization, the requirements for each position, and how I can use my skills to fit in.

Thanks you in advance for your consideration.


Aubrey Ramos

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