Time to Climb

hay!have you ever heared about Rock Climbing?then start reading this book!!!

he is boldring

It all started in the 1850's. It became popular in Europe.then Americans got into the sport.
then it use to be only a men's sport .
now women are joining the sport.

Wach out!!
as high as the sky

You always need to be safe when climbing.
always wear a helmet .

wear a helmet!!!!!!

the right stuff
hear is a list of the stuff:
camping knife,
sun screen.

gear up

if you go so high you will need a air tank.
if you fall it is you're death

mark wellman, he did a climb so dangours he fell and got paralysed below his waist.

he scaled the el captoin. now he relys on arm strenth.


well I need to go climb!! climb you later!!!

thats me!!!( not realy)
look out below!!!!!!!!!

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