What Does it Mean to be a Wrestler?


     Wrestling is a competitive grappling martial art that consists of two individuals.To be a wrestler means to know the rules, moves, and to be conditioned. In order to understand what Wrestling really is you have to understand the rules.The goal is to pin, tech. fall, or to get more points than your opponent within the two allotted periods that are three minutes each. A pin is when you hold both of your opponent's shoulder blades to the matt for three seconds and a tech. fall is when you get fifteen points more than your opponent before the periods are over. Points are achieved through takedowns, escapes, near falls, and illegal violations of your opponent. A takedown is when you have you full control of your opponent and you take them down to their knees; an escape is when you get away from your opponents who has gotten a takedown on you; a near fall is when you get your opponent's back 45 degrees from the matt; and an illegal violation is when your opponent breaks any of the rules in any way. For a full list of details go here.

     Wrestling also consists of a lot of training, may it be physical or mental. There are many different programs for getting into shape to be able to sustain or overpower your opponent in a match. As said by NSCA "cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular endurance, explosive power, reactive agility, full body strength, and flexibility are all important aspects of the sport.". The mental aspect of wrestling comes in when you train to understand and execute moves. As said by coach Joe Cesari " The best way to understand a move is by drilling.".  

Video of a preseason wrestling practice routine.

What Does It Means to Be a Wrestler Dealing With False Ideals?

    In wrestling time and time again mislead people mistake the sport as no more than just a theatrical performance. This is mainly because of the false ideals the media has instilled into the majority of the U.S. population. Namely these ideals come from theatrical wrestling associations such as the WWE. These false ideals have mislead people into thinking all wrestling is fake. In today's society it is frustrating to be a real wrestler because of what people expect from you. People expect you to know how to do things like body slamming and drop kicking. These ideals also trick people into joining classes that don't teach them what they expected the class to teach them. It's a common misconception, but is it really that hard to know the difference?       

Video of WWE theractrical Wrestling.

What It Means to Be a Girl in Wrestling  

     Wrestling has been a primarily male sport since it began during the rule of the Greek. Wrestling was/is a sport that requires quite a bit of strength and women were considered inferior to men in this aspect. Another reason women weren't allowed to participate in this sport was because of how gymnasiums (arenas where sporting events took place) worked. In their time gymnasiums were areas where everyone participating was naked, hinting why the word gymnasium is based off of the Greek term gymn├│s meaning "naked".

     Current day not many women wrestle still. As shown in a NFHS survey "there were 273,732 boys competing in wrestling, an increase of 842 wrestlers from the previous year (0.3 percent increase). Girl high school wrestlers grew to 7,351 athletes, an increase of 1,217 wrestlers from the previous year (a 19.8 percent increase).". Although I am not a girl I understand the difficulties of being a female wrestler. There are stereotypes (girls aren't strong), extra clothing that has to be worn during matches, and men that are sometimes uncomfortable wrestling girls. For example in an Iowa school a boy refused to wrestle a girl because of his beliefs. Women continue to struggle to just play the sport that they love, but they fight on even today.              

Girl wrestling guy.


     Wrestling is a sport that is more than what people think it is and I believe it should be treated as such. The life of a wrestler isn't easy it takes a lot of time and effort. Do you think wrestling stereotypes is a real issue? How do you think it could be fixed (if you think it's a problem)? Did you harbor any stereotypes prior to reading this article? Does wrestling have more controversy than you thought?         

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