Facts- Warning signs of Suicide

by: Amaya Richardson

The warning signs of suicide is organized around the word FACTS, F stands for feeling                                      

    Hopelessness: Feeling like things are bad and won't get any better                                             Fear of losing control, going crazy harming yourself or others                                                      Being extremely sad and lonely                                                                                                          Feeling anxious, worried, angry all the time                                                                                 Helplessness: A belief that theres nothing that can be done to make life better                                                                             

The A stands for Action

  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Talking or writing about death or destruction
  • Getting into fights or arguments with other students
  • Recklessness: doing risky or dangerous things

The C stands for Changes

  • Behavior:Can't concentrate on school or regular tasks
  • Personality :Behaving like a different person becoming withdrawn tired all the time not caring about anything or becoming more talkative or outgoing
  • Losing interest in friends, hobbies, and appearance or in activities or sports previously enjoyed

The T stands for Treats

  • Suicide attempts like wrist cutting, or overdosing
  • Statements like how long does it take to bleed to death
  • Threats like i wont be around much longer

The S stands for Signs

  • Getting into trouble at school, home, or with the law
  • Changes in life that are overwhelming
  • Being exposed to suicide or death of a peer under any circumstances  

This video is just about him talking about how suicide is not good

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