Freedom Willers

Flag Symbolism
Red represents bravery and anger.
Black represents hatred against the "The Great Father"
White represents hope in stopping the "The Great Father."
The yellow swords represent the outshine in power in stopping the government of Willowbeck.

The truth behind the Constitution


The name of this country will be FREEDOM WILLERS


Clearly, the government of Willowbeck has complete control over its people because it keeps us from the real world. They show us, the people what they want and only one side is seen, so there is no other side given to go against. So the people have no choice but to go with what they say.


The Willowbeck government asks all its citizens to support their country throughout everything even when they do not want too. In Willowbeck you MUST love the country. They do not give you a choice in Willowbeck. They do not let you have a say in how Willowbeck is ran.


Other than the fact that the “leader” is a complete lie, how can a country be ran by a single person? and why does everyone obsess over him, when they've never seen any evidence of his existence.


The Willowbeck Government will do whatever they can to make live such a “happy” life.They will make sure you can not see through them. They will bribe you with such riches to make them look like such a supporting government. But we both know that the government is a giant LIE.


All of these “laws” are a complete distraction. they might seem great and secure at first, but in reality they are completely distorted. they mean nothing of what you think. Do not trust them.


We might be given a free education but we only learn what they want us to learn. We won’t learn everything because they know knowledge is power and if the people have too much knowledge they might go against the country and they won't like that. So is the “free” education really worth it.


Our flag consists of colors such as; Red that represents bravery and anger, Black represents hatred towards the “Great Father”, White represents the hope in stopping the “Great Father”

and Yellow represents an outshine in power in stopping the government.


Great Father is a LIE, he cares none for his people, and he is a distraction to what's real in this world!


Figurehead : Zanarchy

Our "Great Father"


Characteristics and Abilities

What makes Zanarchy so amazing is that he makes sure he is a fair and a non controlling leader. He makes sure you have a say in how the country is run. He does not like being demanding. If you respect him and his commands then you shall not have a problem with him.


The Story of Zanarchy

Zanarchy was once a citizen of Willowbeck. In fact he was part of the government. He worked with the “The Great Father” for about 10 years until one day it all went down hill. Zanarchy realized what “The Great Father” does to Willowbeck citizens and how bad of a leader he really is. Zanarchy knew he had to get out of Willowbeck before it was too late and Great Father takes control of him. Zanarchy knew it was not going to be easy to escape from Great Father. He was risking everything to escape. He could not take anymore of this controlling country. Zanarchy planned out his escape and surprisingly it worked. He escaped one week later. His escape was to jump a wall and land in the river that surrounds Willowbeck since the there is no cameras that watch his house. After that he started his own rebellion group called the Freedom Willers. Zanrchy wanted to make sure every Willowbeck citizen knew what Great Father was doing to them. He wanted the say he did not get back in Willowbeck. He made sure every citizen of Willowbeck stood against Great Father. Later on more and more people turned against Great Father and joined the Freedom Willers. But there is still not enough to take Great Father down. Great Father is still too powerful. Zanarchy is doing what ever he can too make sure he gets every single Willowbeck citizen to join Freedom Willers. He wants everyone to have a say in the country they live in. He is not demanding nor controlling. All he ask is for respect. Till this day Zanarchy is trying to defeat Great Father and take him down. Zanarchy is one of the most powerful rebellion leaders in the world. He will make sure Great Father goes down.


The Ministry of Love

It’s one thing to care but another to have control. The government says they care about you and whether or not you are safe but the truth is they don’t. They never have. All they want is full control over everything. Control equals power. They watch over you day and night. You get NO PRIVACY. Everyone needs their privacy. They tell you they are being fair with you but not one thing of Willowbeck’s Constitution is fair. They give you riches and supplies you need to make you think they are the greatest government out there. THEY ARE NOT. Article III strictly states that “you must not only like your country but you must love it. You must support your country with every idea and action. You must contribute in any ways possible to your country.” And if you do not like that action or idea then what happens? You still support it no mater what. But why support something you do not like? Article V states “As your government, we will guide you into living a much better lifestyle with much greater opportunities.” By greater opportunities they actually mean more power for them. Yay. This is no fair balanced country. Great Father is not so great after all.


National Anthem

It's a lie. It's all a lie.

Willowbeck, the so called government yet no sign of a leader
tells the people one thing yet is a trader

Turns his back against the people yet says were equal?

A leader without a face shall not be praised
for his misdoings in the eyes of the people in which whom he has told that there will be change.

"Free Education" they say, will let me not dismay that the only thing that isn't being taught is the horrifying fact that this leader will one day leave us to rot.

They say they need our support towards their plan but we need to abort and wave our flag.

Red, Bravery and Anger Black, represents hatred towards the
"The Great Father."

Yellow represents the stop in their government by outshine in power.

We are here to rebel.

We stand by our colors.

We are the Freedom Willers.


Propaganda Posters



Isabel Padilla & Asia Delgado

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