Volunteering for Good

Sewa International (say wah) is a non profit organization with a mission.

Their mission is to serve humanity in distress and local communities in need of help and promote volunteerism. They also promote selfless services in order to fulfill their main goal. Sewa Houston is active in four major projects to help refugee empowerment , family services , Alief tutoring, and also inspired Houston.

Volunteering is when you offer freely to do something without being paid.We feel is important to give back and show love to the people in this world and the community and that gives you a great deal of help.

Opportunity for you to have a chance at something that acquires your time for a higher purpose. That purpose gives you a chance to learn about new things , grown in new ways you would never expect to , and improve your life in certain areas .

Primarily by public donations. We are supported by people like you who donate for programs that Sewa USA works on. We also get funds from private, Corporate or public foundations, and, grants from governments.

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