My Basketball Coach

Your Headline

    I have a basketball coach in mind and this is the best basketball coach! And I will tell you who it is, it's my basketball coach! She's loving and inspiring! And you better say so. You should trust me I talked to half of the girl on my basketball team and they said she was the best coach they ever had! Don't worry I have reasons about my point!

       My first reason, ok. She cheers me on in my basketball games and says '' Come on Maggie run the ball down that court!'' she would say. For an example, once at my very first basketball game I dribbled the ball on my foot aciddentley and it rolled out of bouns and my team got mad me because we had an open goal and my coach said i did my best!

     Reason 2#. She is Nice and Fun she laughs when I say funny things! For an example at our last game at the end during awards at the end the team performed a grand ballet dance she laughed so hard it was funny!

       My third reason is. She understands me