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An Australian Interpretation of the text from Supersize me

As Australian viewers of this American documentary/film we belief,value and have different attitudes in Australian society that makes us what we are and way we live.It is because of these value,beliefs and attitudes that i interpret this film in a certain and some what negative way because the people in the film undermine those values,beliefs and attitudes.

An example of this is when the Morgan Spurlock through out the movie shows the many scenes of obese and very overweight people and the interviews with them and their opinions on fast food.

My interpretation of the film/movie is that these people are lazy,arrogant  and don't care to much for their health and lifestyle even though their lives depend on it. This challenges my values as a Australian because i value a active lifestyle and physical health and this is not being shown through the film.

This example also challenges my beliefs as a Australian that we shouldn't take the easy way out. This film shows that these people just like to get the quick fix instead of taking the time out to make themselves a sandwich or a proper  dinner. We see this through the interview the crew has with the young girl taking about how it is not easy to make a sandwich and that it is more cheaper to buy the less fulfilling and less healthier option.

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