TOP 10 differences in FFA and Charly

1. Charly got sexual with Miss Kinnian in 'Charly'.

2. Charly worked in a bread factory in 'Charly' but a plastic box factory in 'FFA'.

3. Charly got really agressive in the doctors office in 'Charly'.

4. Charly could find things in the pictures but he could not in 'FFA'.

5. Charly went crazy with sex, drugs, and rock and roll when he left Miss Kinnian in Charly.

6. In the movie Charly ran from his own image.

7. Charly had cigarettes and did drugs in the movie.

8. Charly got Miss Kinnian a present in the movie.

9. Miss Kinnian came over to Charly's room in the movie.

10. Charly wrote on the chalkboard in the movie but in FFA he wrote in a notebook to keep the records.